The use of computer technology is essential in providing clients with efficient and cost-effective legal representation. Pedersen, Keenan, King, Wachsberg & Andrzejak provides to its clients the most up-to-date technology based upon a Microsoft server network.

Effective legal representation requires effective communication. Pedersen, Keenan, King, Wachsberg & Andrzejak provides its clients with a full array of communication options including voice mail (office and mobile), electronic mail and electronic transfer services.

In addition, we continue to work with our clients and their information managers to custom design and improve communication and reporting. Utilizing our technical capabilities, we have developed with our clients paperless reporting systems, custom designed reporting formats and billing formats. We remain committed to using our technology to constantly improve client communication and reduce client cost and expense.

Direct electronic communication with our attorneys is maintained through individual e-mail accounts.

The Firm’s systems run on Microsoft architecture. Documents can be maintained and transferred through wide range of data formats, including WordPerfect or Microsoft Word.

Databases are generated in Microsoft Access and are capable of being reformatted for most major software applications. Spreadsheets can be developed through Microsoft Excel and are also capable of being reformatted to most major spreadsheet programs.

Our technical capabilities allow us to provide our clients with a multitude of sources of electronic research provided through the Internet as well as private cost sources provided through Westlaw and their associated databases and gateways. We also utilize LexisNexis. We constantly update our resource sites and strive to provide our clients with the most current information available.

Pedersen, Keenan, King, Wachsberg & Andrzejak has developed its own proprietary case management program. The application was developed in Microsoft Access. The program allows the Firm to provide critical information to clients literally at the touch of a button. Utilizing our case management system, Pedersen, Keenan, King, Wachsberg & Andrzejak clients can track critical data from either individual claims, all claims of a particular nature or insured, or all claims that the Firm is handling. We have also customized this program to provide systemized reporting for clients in situations where we provide information on over 500 cases in mass tort litigation. Our system is designed to be tailored to the needs of any client, whether we represent you in one case or 1,500 claims